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Quality in Primary Care Center: mind not documentation

Viroj Wiwanitkit

Visiting professor, Hainan Medical University, China

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Quality is the important issue in any work including to medicine. In medicine, the concept of “quality” has been talked for a long time. The blooming of quality assurance and accreditation is the main important scenario at present. For developing countries, the implementation of the quality system such as ISO system is the present trend. However, the important concern is on the “knowledge” and “realization” of the practitioner in those setting towards the quality system. [1-3] Of interest, the implementation of the new quality system can be either pro- or con- aspects. The interesting consideration is the quality system is not widely used in developed countries. The system such as ISO is recognized as a system for developing countries to develop themselves. The quality in the developing countries is usually determined as non - documentation way. The quality culture in “mind” is the main concept. This is totally different from that used in developing county. In developing countries, the documentation is usually the focused. The practitioner usually waste time for writing, typing, recording or preparing the document for using in accreditation survey. The surveyors do also usually not focus on the exacted quality in practice but the document. How to improve the situation in the developing countries is a big challenge. The actual quality in primary care should be deeply implanted in “mind” not only a showcase document for accreditation.


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