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Research Degrees for Health Professionals

Richard Hays

Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, ISBN-13: 978 1 84619 127 5

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More health professionals are considering enrolling in a postgraduate degree that includes research training, and many are choosing to do this part-time within an already busy personal and professional life. Many are also choosing to conduct research that involves more than one traditional discipline or which is closely linked to their professional practice. The challenges they will face are quite different from those of typical full-time students moving on from a first degree.

Probably the most diffcult step in any undertaking is the first one. What the author seeks to do is take the first step with the reader, then guide them through the challenges that are invariably presented. This practical and easy-to-use book guides health professionals, and the academic faculty who supervise them, through developing research ideas based on professional practice to successful completion and graduation with either masters or doctoral level degrees.

It contains a balance of theory and practice with a combination of case studies and learning support for students. In doing so it provides a framework for choices and decisions that must be made. It looks at the relevance of research training, successful super-vision and assessment of research performance as well as surviving common pitfalls.

A straightforward, no-nonsense book that tells it as it is.

Paul Linsley

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