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Clinical governance website hits new peak

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The Clinical Governance Support Team (CGST) is celebrating the success of its redesigned website. The last 12 months has witnessed a fourfold increase in the number of visitors to the site each month. In November 2003 there were more than 450 000 hits per month compared with just over 100 000 at the beginning of the year. The site is on target to get very nearly four million hits in 2003 and the ambition is to double that number in 2004.

The most popular pages are the clinical governance forum and ‘Clinical governance defined’. There is also a steady stream of people downloading clinical governance resources, such as ‘Eurekas’ and ‘Lesson cards’, which are freely available on the site. The site is also popular outside the UK with more than 25% of hits coming from abroad including 18% from the USA. Hugh Griffiths, Director of Policy, Innovation and Knowledge Management for the CGST, said ‘I am delighted by the impact that the CGST website is having on the promotion of clinical governance throughout the NHS. It is a tribute to the hard work and skill of those people who design and support it. It is also a tribute to the success of our programmes and the people who attend them. They are the peoplewho plan and carry out the front-line improvements which so directly impact on the care that people receive. It is their work and success that the website captures and spreads’.

Professor Aidan Halligan, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, said ‘It is increasingly apparent that the CGST is in the forefront of promoting safe, high quality, patient-centred care. The success of its website reflects not only the high profile that clinical governance is achieving within the NHS but also the recognition that it is a world-class resource – one that thoroughly deserves the excellent reputation it has both in this and other countries’.

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